Learn What It's Really Like to Try to Afford College on a Blue Collar Income

(Without Rich Relatives or a Lottery Win)

Years ago, a working-class family who was frugal with their budget could probably manage to send their child to college without going broke, even it meant working a little overtime. That’s no longer true. 

Bobbi Dempsey

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So What’s The Book About?

The video below shares some quick stats about low-income students and college. 


Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

A First-Hand Story, Plus Shocking Stats

  1. Hear the honest story of a real-life family as they struggle to put kids through college with few resources and constant obstacles. 
  2. Without a college degree, children born in the bottom fifth of the income distribution have only a 5 percent chance of making it to the top fifth, and a 55 percent of chance of making out of the bottom fifth. 
  3. College tuition at public universities has nearly quadrupled over the past 35 years. 
  4. In addition to the cost of tuition, low-income students must find a way to pay for food & housing, books, mandatory fees and other unavoidable expenses. 
  5. If students are lat with a payment or unable to pay their balance, they can be removed from classes they've already started, and can suffer serious academic and financial repurcussions. 

About The Author

Bobbi Dempsey started her journalism career covering small-town corruption for a daily newspaper, where she also created several popular series. She eventually moved on to freelance writing. For a while, she specialized in interviewing celebrities, CEOs and other high-profile people. One highlight was earning a byline in the NY Times for an interview conducted not far from the housing projects of her childhood. 
These days, she frequently writes about personal finance and loves helping people become savvy consumers and discover new ways to save money. She is particularly focused on the challenges faced by blue collar families and working class parents, especially paying for college. To share information and advice for this audience, she has created a website called BrokeParents.com 

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